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    1: [[!template id=project
    3: title="Separate test depends for pkgsrc"
    5: contact="""
    6: [tech-pkg](
    7: """
    9: category="pkgsrc"
   10: difficulty="medium"
   11: duration="3-6 weeks"
   12: done_by="joerg"
   14: description="""
   16: Right now the pkgsrc packaging for many things does not support
   17: running those things' native test suites.
   18: One of the reasons for this is that those test suites often depend on
   19: additional packages for test infrastructure or test automation.
   20: Sometimes those additional depends cause cycles; sometimes they're
   21: "only" heavyweight; but fairly often adding them as unconditional
   22: BUILD_DEPENDS (or worse, full DEPENDS) has undesirable consequences.
   24: It ought to be possible to have a separate set of TEST_DEPENDS that's
   25: brought in only when one is actually intending to run a test suite.
   26: This is not entirely trivial (or it would have been done long ago)
   27: because it doesn't fit well into the sequence of phases pkgsrc builds
   28: happen in.
   29: Should there be a separate (and late) phase for TEST_DEPENDS, or a
   30: (per-package?) switch in mk.conf to enable test material, or some
   31: other scheme?
   32: What about packages that need to be installed first before their tests
   33: will run?
   34: (Yes, ideally these wouldn't exist...)
   36: The first part of this project is: decide how it should work and sell
   37: the community on it, er, I mean, reach consensus with the community on
   38: the best approach.
   39: This (including sorting through all the requirements and miscellaneous
   40: desiderata, which are by no means listed completely above) is at least
   41: half the work.
   43: The second part of this project is to implement what you've designed,
   44: and add support to three or four packages with nontrivial test suites.
   46: (Note: this project description was partly based on loose talk on the
   47: subject appearing in PR 50645.)
   49: """
   50: ]]

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