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Remove preapproved funding designations.

Per discussion between board and core, these stale designations will
be replaced by something we hope to be more lively and maintained.

[[!template id=project

title="Separate nexthop cache from the routing table"



This project proposal is a subtask of [[smp_networking]].

The goal of this project is to remove the ARP, AARP, ISO SNPA, and IPv6
Neighbors from the routing table.  Instead, the `ifnet` structure should
have a set of nexthop caches (usually implemented using
[[patricia trees|atomic_radix_patricia_trees]]), one per address family.
Each nexthop entry should contain the datalink header needed to reach the

This will remove cloneable routes from the routing table and remove the
need to maintain protocol-specific code in the common Ethernet, FDDI, PPP,
etc. code and put it back where it belongs, in the protocol itself.

[[!tag smp_networking]]

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