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Mark as done by nonaka.

Patches here:
Or alternatively:

[[!template id=project

title="NetBSD/azure -- Bringing NetBSD to Microsoft Azure"


[Christos Zoulas](

duration="3 months"
done_by="NONAKA Kimihiro"

[Microsoft's cloud platform]( WindowsAzure has ec2-like features of creating custom virtual disks.

Would it be possible to push NetBSD onto this platform?

Yes !

Kimihiro Nonaka (nonakap@) did the port in a [branch]( on github.

With his patch applied, you can boot NetBSD on MS Azure: [dmesg](

[Wikipedia article describing the virtualization platform](

[Marketing material about azure virtual machines](

[FreeBSD drivers for the Hyper-V virtual machine interface](

Milestones for this project:

* process for automatically building azure-friendly images, similar to amazon AMI



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