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[[!template id=project

title="Lua bindings, chicken and egg"


duration="3 months"

[Lua]( is obviously a great choice for an embedded scripting language in both [kernel space]( and [user space](

However, there exists a issue where Lua needs [bindings]( to interface with NetBSD for it to be useful.

Someone needs to take on the grunt-work task of simply creating Lua interfaces into every possible NetBSD component.

That same someone needs to produce meaningful documentation.

As this enhances Lua's usefulness, more lua bindings will then be created, etc.

This project's goal is to set that inertia by attempting to define and create a solid baseline of Lua bindings.

### Here is a list of things to possibly target

* filesystem hooks
* sysctl hooks
* proplib
* envsys
* MI system bus code

### WIP
* [lua syscall porting](


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