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    1: [Lua]( is obviously a great choice for an embedded scripting language in both [kernel space]( and [user space](
    3: However, there exists a issue where Lua needs [bindings]( to interface with NetBSD for it to be useful.
    5: Someone needs to take on the grunt-work task of simply creating Lua interfaces into every possible NetBSD component.
    7: That same someone needs to produce meaningful documentation.
    9: As this enhances Lua's usefulness, more lua bindings will then be created, etc.
   11: This project's goal is to set that inertia by attempting to define and create a solid baseline of Lua bindings.
   13: ### Here is a list of things to possibly target
   15: * filesystem hooks
   16: * sysctl hooks
   17: * proplib
   18: * envsys
   19: * MI system bus code

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