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Adapt open gsoc project suggestion to new gsoc rules, mark as 175/350h

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title="Test Linux emulation (350h)"


[Stephen Borrill](



NetBSD has an extensive test suite that tests native kernel and userland
code. NetBSD can run Linux binaries under emulation (notably on x86,
but other platforms such as ARM have some support too). The Linux emulation
is not covered by the test suite. It should be possible to run an
appropriate subset of the tests when compiled as Linux binaries.

The project could be completed in a number of steps:

* Determine tests that make sense to run under Linux emulation (e.g. syscalls)
* Compile tests on Linux and then run on NetBSD
* Add new/altered tests for Linux-specific APIs or features
* Build cross-compilation environment to build Linux binaries on NetBSD, to make the test-suite self-hosting
* Fix Linux emulation for tests that fail
* Use tests to add Linux emulation for syscalls missing (e.g.timer_*)

It may also be instructive to look at the [Linux Test Project](

The project would initially be focussed on x86 (amd64 and i386).

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