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1.1       jmmv        1: [[!template id=project
                      3: title="Curses library automated testing"
                      5: contact="""
1.4     ! leot        6: [tech-userlevel](
1.1       jmmv        7: """
                      9: mentors="""
                     10: [Brett Lymn](
                     11: """
1.2       jmmv       13: category="userland"
                     14: difficulty="easy"
1.1       jmmv       15: duration="3 months"
                     17: description="""
                     18: The curses library is an important part of the NetBSD operating system, many applications rely on the correct functioning of the library. Performing modifications on the curses library can be difficult because the effects of the change may be subtle and can introduce bugs that are not detected for a long time.
1.3       mspo       20: The testing framework has been written to run under the atf framework but has not been committed to the tree yet.
1.1       jmmv       21: 
1.3       mspo       22: The student undertaking this project will be provided with the testing framework and will use this to generate test cases for curses library calls.  Most of the work will require analytical skills to verify the output of the test is actually correct before encapsulating that output into a validation file.
                     24: Milestones for this project:
                     26: * produce a suite of high quality tests for the curses library
                     27: * These tests should exercise every aspect of the library functionality.
1.1       jmmv       28: 
                     29: This project will need a good understanding of the curses library and will provide the student with a much deeper understanding of the operation of curses.
                     30: """
                     31: ]]
                     33: [[!tag gsoc]]

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