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Same reasons: -mentor likely won't have time - not high priority

    1: [[!template id=project
    3: title="LED/LCD Generic API"
    5: contact="""
    6: [tech-kern](
    7: """
    9: mentors="""
   10: [Marc Balmer](
   11: """
   13: category="kernel"
   14: difficulty="medium"
   15: duration="3 months"
   17: description="""
   18: Design and implement a general API for control of LED and LCD type devices on NetBSD. The API would allow devices to register individual LED and LCD devices, along with a set of capabilities for each one. Devices that wish to display status via an LED/LCD would also register themselves as an event provider. A userland program would control the wiring of each event provider, to each output indicator. The API would need to encompass all types of LCD displays, such as 3 segment LCDs, 7 segment alphanumerics, and simple on/off state LED's. A simple example is a keyboard LED, which is an output indicator, and the caps-lock key being pressed, which is an event provider.
   20: There is prior art in OpenBSD; it should be checked for suitability, and any resulting API should not differ from theirs without reason.
   22: Milestones:
   24: * a port of OpenBSD's LED tools
   25: * a userland tool to control LED
   26: * demonstration of functionality
   27: * integration into NetBSD
   29: """
   30: ]]
   32: [[!tag status:inactive]]

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