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title="Port launchd"


[Christos Zoulas](

duration="3 months"

[Launchd]( is a MacOS/X utility that is used to start and control daemons similar to init(8), but much more powerful. There was an effort to port launchd to FreeBSD, but it seems to be [abandoned]( We should first investigate what happened to the FreeBSD effort to avoid duplicating work. The port is not trivial because launchd uses a lot of mach features.


* report of FreeBSD efforts (past and present)
* launchd port replacing: init
* launchd port replacing: rc
* launchd port compatible with: rc.d scripts
* launchd port replacing: watchdogd

Nice to have:

* launchd port replacing/integrating: inetd
* launchd port replacing: atd
* launchd port replacing: crond
* launchd port replacing: (the rest)



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