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These are storage-related projects, so tag them "filesystems". This
puts them in the filesystems/storage list on the main project list,
where people interested in them are more likely to find them.

[[!template id=project

title="Add directory notify to kqueue"



Right now kqueue, the kernel event mechanism, only attaches to individual
files.  This works great for sockets and the like but doesn't help for a
directory full of files.

The end result should be feature parity with linux's inotify (a single dir worth
of notifications, not necessarily sub-dirs) and the design must be good enough
to be accepted by other users of kqueue: osx, freebsd, etc

For an overview of inotify start [on wikipedia](<br>
Another example API is the [windows event api](

I believe most of the work will be around genfs, namei, and vfs.

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