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Add the projects from the website (htdocs/contrib/projects.xml).

At this point, all this is is a "blind conversion" from the xml file to
individual mdwn files.  I did this by using a custom xslt file and some
manual cleanups on the files.

Most of these projects are still misclassified as they do not list the
correct difficulty or the category they list is not yet defined in the
wiki.  Some other projects need to be pruned out due to the lack of
details (or moved to the ideas page).  But this is a "good enough" start
that should allow me to nuke these same projects from htdocs.

[[!template id=project

title="support jails-like features"


[Jean-Yves Migeon](


Today a number of OS provide some form of kernel-level virtualization that offer
better isolation mechanisms that the traditional (yet more portable)
&chroot(2). Currently, NetBSD lacks functionality in this field; there have been
multiple attempts ([gaols](,
[mult]( to implement a
jails-like system, but none so far has been integrated in base.

The purpose of this project is to study the various implementations found
elsewhere (FreeBSD Jails, Solaris Zones, Linux Containers/VServers, ...), and
eventually see their plus/minus points. An additional step would be to see how
this can be implemented the various architectural improvements NetBSD gained,
especially rump(3) and kauth(9).

Caution: this is a research project.

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