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title="iscsictl(1) enhancement (175h)"


[Frédéric Fauberteau](


The iscsictl(1) program manages the iSCSI instances on the local computer. It
communicates with the iscsid(8) daemon to send queries using iSCSI protocol.

Possible enhancements:

 * Review of iscsictl(1) manpage. For instance, the command `add_target` has no
   description, [target-opts] could be refered to "Target Options".
 * Add a mode to iscsictl(1) program to log sessions at boot. It could be a
   `batch` command (the name could be discussed) that read a /etc/iscsi.conf
   file. Some parts of the iscsictl(1) from FreeBSD could be ported.
 * Implement the `find_isns_servers`.

The iscsi-target(8) server allows to setup iSCSI targets on a NetBSD host and
to present block storage to the network. It can be used to test the iscsictl(1)

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