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Add some stuff.

[[!template id=project

title="Inetd enhancements -- Add new features to inetd"


[Christos Zoulas](

duration="3 months"

The following features should be added to inetd:

- Prefork: Support pre-forking multiple children and keeping them alive for multiple invocations.
- Per service configuration file: Add a per-service configuration file similar to xinetd.
- Make the rate-limiting feature configurable on a per-service basis.
- Improve the logging and make logging modes configurable on a per-service basis.
- Integrate with the new blacklist daemon.

Perhaps also some of the following:

- Add include directives to the configuration language to allow service definitions to be installed in /usr/share or /usr/pkg/share.
- Add a separate way to turn services on and off, so they can be defined statically (such as in /usr/share) and turned on and off from /etc.
- Allow non-privileged users to add/remove/change their own services using a separate utility.


[[!tag gsoc]]

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