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 [[!template id=project  [[!template id=project
 title="Fix .. semantics, once and for all"  title="Semantics of .."
 contact="""  contact="""
 [tech-kern](mailto:tech-kern@NetBSD.org)  [tech-kern](mailto:tech-kern@NetBSD.org)
Line 10  category="filesystems" Line 10  category="filesystems"
 difficulty="hard"  difficulty="hard"
 description="""  description="""
 In a file system with symlinks, the file system becomes a graph rather than a  In a file system with symlinks, the file system can be seen as a graph
 tree. The meaning of .. and the current working directory becomes somewhat  rather than a tree. The meaning of .. potentially becomes complicated
 ambiguous in such an environment.  in this environment.
 Rob Pike implemented a neat way of fixing this for Plan 9. It is described in  There is a fairly substantial group of people, some of them big famous
 <http://cm.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/lexnames.html>.  The project is simply to  names, who think that the usual behavior (where crossing a symlink is
 re-implement this for NetBSD.  different from entering a subdirectory) is a bug, and have made
   various efforts from time to time to "fix" it. One such fix can be seen
   in the -L and -P options to ksh's pwd.
   Rob Pike implemented a neat hack for this in Plan 9. It is described
   in <http://cm.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/lexnames.html>. This project is to
   implement that logic for NetBSD.
   Note however that there's another fairly substantial group of people,
   some of them also big famous names, who think that all of this is a
   load of dingo's kidneys, the existing behavior is correct, and
   changing it would be a bug. So it needs to be possible to switch the
   implementation on and off as per-process state.
 """  """
 ]]  ]]

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