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title="Automate handling of donations (350h)"


[Christos Zoulas](



Currently electronic donations from Paypal and Stripe are emailed
to Request Tracker. A ticket gets opened and each donation is
handled manually. The person handling the ticket needs to extract
the email of the donor, the date, the currency and the amount and
enter them into the ticket form where an acknowledgement form is
filled up from the information and sent to the donor. The donor can
decide to reply to the form and answer questions like if they want
to be listed in our donor's page and how, if they want to
be notified in the future about donating more, and if they want to
keep receiving receipts for their donations.

The project involves html, css, database skills as well as choosing
which platform/language to implement the system.


* Parse paypal messages, fill the form and auto-reply.
  If you can't parse, send to rt.
* Parse stripe messages, fill the form and auto-reply.
  If you can't parse, send to rt.
* Create a database to store the information
* Update the donation meter from the donation amounts.
* Instead of having the user file the form freestyle,
  redirect them to the web to file the form electronically
  so we can extract the information. Handle adding the donor
  to the donors file automatically.
* Update donor information in the database to include the above information.
* Fix conditional notifications


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