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title="Create a cross-compile environment package for pkgsrc on NetBSD"


duration="3 months"

The goal of this project is to generate a package or packages that will set up a cross-compiling environment for one (*slow*) NetBSD architecture on another (*fast*) NetBSD architecture, starting with (and using) the NetBSD toolchain in src.

The package will require a checked out NetBSD src tree (or as a refinement, parts thereof) and is supposed to generate the necessary cross-building tools using `src/` with appropriate flags; for the necessary `/usr/include` and libraries of the *slow* architecture, build these to fit or use the *slow* architecture's `base.tgz` and `comp.tgz` (or parts thereof). As an end result, you should e.g. be able to install the binary `cross/pkgsrc-NetBSD-amd64-to-atari` package on your *fast* amd64 and start building packages for your *slow* atari system.

Use available packages, like eg `pkgtools/pkg_comp` to build the cross-compiling environment where feasible.

As test target for the cross-compiling environment, use `pkgtools/pkg_install`, which is readily cross-compilable by itself.

If time permits, test and fix cross-compiling pkgsrc, which was made cross-compilable in an earlier GSoC project, but may have suffered from feature rot since actually cross-compiling it has been too cumbersome for it to see sufficient use.

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