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title="Emulating android programs"


duration="3-6 months"

Android is an extremely popular platform, with good software support.

NetBSD has some `COMPAT_LINUX` support, and it might be possible to leverage this to run Android applications.  
This is only done for GNU/Linux platforms right now (SUSE / Debian).

We need to start with Android x86, as `COMPAT_LINUX` for x86 already exists and is known to work.

As this is a difficult project, the project will need adjustments with time.  

* Create an anbox chroot on linux/x86, experiment with running it with NetBSD.  
* Experiment with running simplest Android program  
* Implement missing syscall emulation as needed  
* ??? (gap for difficulties we will find from this)
* Package anbox-chroot in pkgsrc


* [Anbox]( makes it possible to run things on regular linux, and is worth exploring.  
* [This page details changes done on Android](
* [The source code of Android is open.](



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