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Add clang-format GSoC task

Add KNF (NetBSD style) clang-format configuration.

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title="Add KNF (NetBSD style) clang-format configuration"


[Kamil Rytarowski](

duration="3 months"


clang-format is a tool to format source code according to a set of rules and heuristics.
Like most tools, it is not perfect nor covers every single case, but it is good enough to be helpful.

clang-format can be used for several purposes:

* Quickly reformat a block of code to the NetBSD (KNF) style.
* Spot style mistakes, typos and possible improvements in files.
* Help to follow the coding style rules.


* Create configuration file .clang-format that approximate the NetBSD coding style
* Patch LibFormat to handle missing coding style rules.
* Integrate .clang-format with the NetBSD distribution.


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