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Prune ill-specified projects; just leave traces of them in the "ideas" page.

Not all of the unclassified projects were useless though; some of them had
decent content, so I have just added tags to classify them appropriately
instead of just deleting them.

[[!template id=project

title="Refactor Tabular Display Programs"


[David Young](

duration="3 months"

Refactor utilities in the base system, such as netstat, top, and
vmstat, that format & display tables of statistics.

One possible refactoring divides each program into three:

* one program reads the statistics from the kernel and writes them in machine-readable form to its standard output
* a second program reads machine-readable tables from its standard input and writes them in a human-readable format to the standard output
* and a third program supervises a pipeline of the first two programs, browses and refreshes a table.

Several utilities will share the second and third program.

[[!tag easy]]
[[!tag userland]]

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