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List benchmark automation as an extended goal.

[[!template id=project

title="Benchmark NetBSD"


[Kamil Rytarowski](

duration="3 months"


Find and execute benchmarks of various kernel features and userland
libraries on NetBSD (installed natively). Check the scaling issue over
multiple CPUs.

Prepare new benchmarks for untested subsystems like tmpfs performance.

Compare the results with FreeBSD and Linux.


* Prepare the environment (native NetBSD installation) and install
benchmarking tools.
* Collect the results of benchmarks (modes: 1-CPU, 2-CPU, etc).
* Compare with other OSes (candidates: Linux and FreeBSD).
* Write new tests to detect bottle-necks.
* Report performance and/or scaling issues to developers.

**Extended goals:**
* Automate performance regression tests


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