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1.1       wiki        1: [[!template id=project
                      3: title="Create an SQL backend and statisticics/query page for ATF test results"
                      5: contact="""
                      6: [tech-userlevel](
                      7: """
                      9: mentors="""
                     10: [Martin Husemann](
                     11: """
                     13: category="userland"
                     14: difficulty="medium"
                     15: duration="3 months"
1.5     ! wiki       16: done_by="NBens (GSoC 2018)"
1.1       wiki       17: 
                     18: description="""
                     19: We are currently running various regular [tests](, both on emulators and real hardware.
                     20: The results are generated in ATF (or maybe sometime later in Kuya) raw XML output format and then transformed via xslt into html.
1.3       wiki       21: This is good enough to display single test run results, but does not provide any overview or comparison options across different test runs or architectures.
1.1       wiki       22: 
1.3       wiki       23: The target of this project is to provide a simple 'upload' utility, that takes the xml input and inserts it into a remote PostgresSQL database.
1.1       wiki       24: Creating a suitable database schema and the xml loader/upload tool is the first half.
                     26: Second part is using the collected results to display some nice web pages showing statistics and allowing dedicated queries, comparable
1.2       wiki       27: to the query pages of typical bug tracking systems.
1.1       wiki       28: 
                     29: This project has the following milestones, in this order:
                     31: 1. Create and test a database schema (suitable for multiple architectures, and later migration to Kuya)
                     32: 2. Create a tool to read the ATF xml data and insert it into a database. This will be the half term milestone.
                     33: 3. Create a web site providing basic browsing/search options for the database
                     34: 4. Enhance the upload tool (or create a second variant) for Kuya output. This part is optional
                     35: 5. Document the database schema, web site setup, and tool created.
1.2       wiki       37: A huge set of ATF xml data will be provided, we assume that the student creates the database environment for local testing themselves.
1.1       wiki       38: 
                     39: The result is planed to be deployed on TNF servers later, so it is of direct use for the community.
                     40: This deployment is not part of the GSoC timeline.
1.3       wiki       41: 
                     42: Note that item (4) above needs proper evaluation before the database schema is created. Kuya already stores test results in a SQLite database, so the extract and upload utility likely will be simple, but the database schema is incompatible and a good migration plan is needed upfront.
                     44: During GSoC, this project will ignore deployment issues, which will need broader discussion and maybe changes to the tools - for example the finally deployed upload utility has to be part of the base installation, so may not be able to depend on PostgresSQL libraries. A pkgsrc based solution for milestone (2) is good enough for this project.
1.1       wiki       45: """
                     46: ]]

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