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title="Port pkgsrc to MinGW and/or Cygwin"


[Aleksej Saushev](

duration="3 months"

There existed (in past) an option to deploy portable software on
Microsoft Windows systems through the use of Interix.
However deploying Interix is tricky, sometimes it is impossible.
Third-party software usually doesn't support running under Interix too,
which reduces its utility.

Cygwin and MinGW present easier way to deploy familiar Unix-like environment.
Both are supported very much better than Interix by upstream developers,
and thus software is easier to get running correctly.
Both are easier than Interix to setup too.

Microsoft Windows is perhaps the only widespread platform that
isn't supported by pkgsrc well enough. Unfortunately, pkgsrc
needs to be adapted to run on Cygwin and MinGW.

The goal of this project is to port pkgsrc tools to Cygwin (easier)
or MinGW (harder, since it doesn't provide fork/vfork API).

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