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Unlist from GSoC projects. ISDN is not so hot any more.

Could be rewritten to Asterisk only.

[[!template id=project

title="ISDN NT support and Asterisk integration"


[Martin Husemann](

duration="3 months"

NetBSD is a common target for asterisk installations and could use some improvements.
Improving ISDN puts us back in the running as a high-end installation target.

This project has three milestones:

* add support for the NT (network) side of ISDN to the NetBSD ISDN stack
* interface ISDN (in NT mode) to the [Asterisk PBX](, which would allow using existing ISDN PBXes as SIP/VoIP phones
* show this makes it easier to test new ISDN card drivers

Previous work in this area can be found at the [alternative ISDN driver site](

The student needs access to ISDN and telephony hardware for this project.


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