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   *Prerequisites*: assembly      *Prerequisites*: assembly  
   *Tag*: research      *Tag*: research  
   *Tag*: system    *Tag*: system
   * Setup single sign-on (SSO) service using base Heimdal
     Status: Reopened Time to complete: 72 hrs Mentors: Aleksej Saushev 
     Write in clear terms what needs to be set up for implementing single sign-on service using Kerberos.
     Write step-by-step instructions for configuration of base Heimdal, BIND, OpenPAM, and other components as needed (both, for client and server).
     Provide instructions how to test functionality (steps how to make sure it works).
     Create a network with at least two machines. Make sure that your instructions apply to this configuration to (write separate sections, for client and for server, if needed).
     Provide instructions how to operate this setup (how to add-remove user accounts, to change-reset passwords, and so on).
     You are to make sure that you provide references to documentation for component you used (e.g. man pages, BIND Administrator Reference Manual).
     You are to make sure that you provide step-by-step instructions for what you did.
     You are to illustrate instructions with shell commands and configuration file snippets.
     *Tags*: security, sso, kerberos, documentation, howto
   * Describe how to become a VoIP provider
     SIP is a protocol used for VoIP communications.
     NetBSD was sometimes tried as a VoIP server, but there has been no howto yet how to do this.
     So, install an Asterisk or FreeSwitch or something else like that and describe how to use NetBSD as a VoIP server.
     *Tags*: howto, service

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