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   *Tag*: service      *Tag*: service  
   *Tag*: system      *Tag*: system  
   *Tag*: network    *Tag*: network
   * **Task: Write assembly examples for additional architectures**: there is currently a single assembly example in src/share/examples/asm/hello, for the PowerPC architecture. NetBSD works on many more though; these examples are about illustrating how, at the assembly layer. This task to write basic, functional assembly programs on more architectures; each program is one task. Some architectures may support multiple ABIs, and this should also be investigated and documented while writing each example.
     Note that "hello", the classic "Hello, world!", is not the only possibility to demonstrate basic assembly on any given architecture; the implementation of other programs can be relevant, provided they illustrate more aspects of assembly coding for the target architecture.
     *Prerequisites*: assembly
     *Tag*: research
     *Tag*: system

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