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 ### Tests projects (Code, QA)  ### Tests projects (Code, QA)
 Create ATF tests for a section of library routines, such as (please add.. )  Create ATF tests for a section of library routines, such as:
 * string(3)  * [[!template id=man name="atomic_ops" section="3"]]
 * bluetooth(3)  * [[!template id=man name="bitstring" section="3"]]
 * sdp_data(3)  * [[!template id=man name="bluetooth" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="cdbr" section="3"]] and [[!template id=man name="cdbw" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="inet" section="3"]] and [[!template id=man name="inet_net" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="ethers" section="3"]], [[!template id=man name="iso_addr" section="3"]] and [[!template id=man name="link_addr" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="regex" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="sdp_data" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="ssp" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="string" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="strings" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="strtod" section="3"]], [[!template id=man name="strtol" section="3"]], [[!template id=man name="strtoul" section="3"]] and [[!template id=man name="strtoull" section="3"]]
   * [[!template id=man name="uuid" section="3"]]
   * (please add..)
 ### PR projects (Code, Research)  ### PR projects (Code, Research)

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