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1.2     ! jmmv        1: [[!meta title="Guidelines to apply for a project"]]
1.1       jmmv        2: 
1.2     ! jmmv        3: If you plan to apply to work on any of the projects listed in this site,
        !             4: you should start by sending an email to the contact points listed at the
        !             5: top of every project description.  The purpose of this email is to
        !             6: introduce yourself to the NetBSD community if you are new to it, and to
        !             7: explain in a great level of detail how you will work on the project
        !             8: (e.g. the overall plan, milestones, schedule, etc.)  **This is particularly
        !             9: important if the project is up for funding or if it is a
        !            10: [[Google Summer of Code project|gsoc]].**
        !            11: 
        !            12: The sections below include a guideline on the kind of information we are
        !            13: interested in hearing in your initial communication.  The level of detail
        !            14: involved will depend on how how familiar you are with the NetBSD Project
        !            15: and the developer community.
        !            16: 
        !            17: If you are a newcomer (e.g. you are a Google Summer of Code student that
        !            18: has just installed NetBSD for the first time), you are encouraged to answer
        !            19: as many questions as possible.  If you are an old-timer, however, you can
        !            20: skip the most obvious questions and focus on preparing a detailed project
        !            21: specification instead.
1.1       jmmv       22: 
                     23: # About your project
1.2     ! jmmv       25: * What is the goal of the project?  (Short overview)
1.1       jmmv       26: 
                     27: * What will be the deliverables of the project?  (Code, documentation, ...)
                     29: * Give an overview of how you intend to reach the project's goal
                     30:   in the form of milestones and a schedule.
                     32: * Is similar software already available elsewhere, e.g. for
                     33:   Linux or any other BSD?
                     35: * Is the project a port of software, or a rewrite? (remember:
                     36:   No GPL in the NetBSD kernel!)
                     38: # About your project and NetBSD
                     40: * If your working area is the core NetBSD operating system: have you
                     41:   installed NetBSD and made first experiences with hands-on configuration?
                     42:   Have you rebuilt the kernel and the userland, either in full or in parts?
                     43:   If you plan to work on pkgsrc, have you installed packages from source
                     44:   and binary? Have you created a package on your own?
                     46: * Have you found the relevant places that your project is based on in the
                     47:   source code, and read through it?
                     49: * How will your project integrate into NetBSD? (Userland tool, kernel
                     50:   subsystem, driver, patch set, pkgsrc, ...)
                     52: * What interfaces in NetBSD will your project use?  (Go into details here!
                     53:   What module/file names, functions, data structures etc. are of relevance
                     54:   for your project?)
                     56: * To what degree are you familiar with those interfaces?  (not/some/very,
                     57:   details?)
                     59: * Is knowledge on other topics required for this project, e.g. on
                     60:   hardware, software other than NetBSD, APIs, protocols, etc.?  If so, give
                     61:   details and references.
                     63: * To what degree are you familiar with those?  (not/some/very, details?)
                     65: * If the project involves hardware (e.g. writing drivers, doing a port to
                     66:   new hardware, ...): do you own the hardware or have access to?
                     68: # About you
                     70: * Can you list some prior projects that you have worked on so far?  Include
                     71:   details like programming language, duration, number of people involved,
                     72:   project goal, if you used CVS, SVN or similar, and whatever else we may
                     73:   find thrilling! If you have a CV/resume online, feel free to include a
                     74:   link.
                     76: * Do you have any prior experience with programming NetBSD?  In what area?
                     77:   If you did send some problem reports (PRs) or patches, please include
                     78:   references.
                     80: * Have you previously discussed your project within NetBSD, either on a
                     81:   mailing list or with some specific developers? If so, please give us
                     82:   either the names/email addresses of those developers or point us towards
                     83:   the discussions on our list (via <>).
1.2     ! jmmv       85: * How do we contact you for question, comments, suggestions, etc.?
1.1       jmmv       86: 
                     87: * Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Did we forget any important
                     88:   details or questions?

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