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Wed Nov 9 21:14:03 2011 UTC (11 years ago) by jmmv
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Add the ability to mark projects as "done" by setting the "done_by" template
attribute to the name of the person that completed them.

Marking a project as done excludes it from all the indexes except from the
new "Completed projects" index.  This is intended to showcase that the
project proposals in this site are actually useful and sometimes get done.

While doing this, reinstantiate the gio and npf proposals I had removed
earlier on to populate the completed projects index.

[[!meta title="All projects"]]

This page contains the data of all the available projects proposals as a single
document to permit easy searching within the page.

Note that this page also contains an Atom/RSS feed.  If you are interested in
being notified about changes to the projects whenever these pages get updated,
you should subscribe to this feed.

[[!inline pages="projects/project/* and tagged(status:active)" show=0]]

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