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1.4       wiki        1: [[!meta title="Project proposals for NetBSD"]]
                      3: Welcome to the NetBSD projects central!
1.8       jmmv        5: This page contains a non-exhaustive list of project proposals that either
                      6: immediately benefit NetBSD or are of general interest to NetBSD and the
                      7: Open Source Community.  Most of the projects listed here have at least one
                      8: NetBSD developer who has expressed interest and would be willing to
                      9: assist/oversee the implementation to a certain degree.
                     11: If you are interested in working on any of these projects, please contact
                     12: the mailing list referenced next to each item, and possibly answer as many
                     13: questions from our [[application]] as possible.  The interested developers
                     14: will be glad to respond to you there.
                     16: Some of the projects have timing estimates.  Times are estimated
                     17: conservatively, for a single person working full time on the project.  An
                     18: experienced developer, with knowledge of the changed subsystem/area of
                     19: code, will probably be able to complete the project in half or less of the
                     20: estimated time.  As with all estimates, they might be wrong though -- in
                     21: both directions.  Other projects include more research or have no hard
                     22: target for other reasons.  For these projects no estimate is given.
1.4       wiki       23: 
1.5       jmmv       24: # General indexes
1.11      dholland   26: * [[All projects (index)|/projects/all]].  Broken down by category and difficulty.
                     27: * [[All projects (one big page)|/projects/all-flat]].  Includes an Atom/RSS feed providing notifications of changes to any project.
1.6       jmmv       28: * [[Brainstorming of project proposals|/projects/ideas]].  Be aware that the projects in this page are not well-defined.  They are just additional ideas that you may want to consider.
1.9       jmmv       29: * [[Completed projects|/projects/done]].  The archive of completed projects, for reference purposes only.  You may not send applications for these.
1.5       jmmv       30: 
                     31: # Program-specific indexes
1.11      dholland   33: * [[Projects suitable for Google Summer of Code|gsoc]]
                     34: * [[Projects for Google Code-In|code-in]] (contains some ideas)
1.10      schmonz    35: 
                     36: # Add a project
                     38: [[!edittemplate
                     39: template="project"
                     40: match="projects/project/*"
                     41: silent=yes
                     42: ]]
                     44: [[!inline
                     45: pages="empty and pagespec"
                     46: feeds=no
                     47: rootpage="projects/project"
                     48: postform=yes
                     49: postformtext="Add a new project page:"
                     50: ]]

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