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 * [[code-in]]  [[!meta title="Project proposals for NetBSD"]]
   Welcome to the NetBSD projects central!
   This page contains a non-exhaustive list of project proposals that either immediately benefit NetBSD or are of general interest to NetBSD and the Open Source Community. Most of the projects listed here have at least one NetBSD developer who has expressed interest and would be willing to assist/oversee the implementation to a certain degree.
   # General indexes
   * [[All projects, one per page|/projects/all]].  Broken down by category and difficulty.
   * [[All projects, one page|/projects/all-flat]].  Includes an Atom/RSS feed providing notifications of changes to any project.
   * [[Brainstorming of project proposals|/projects/ideas]].  Be aware that the projects in this page are not well-defined.  They are just additional ideas that you may want to consider.
   # Program-specific indexes
   * [[Google Summer of Code|gsoc]]
   * [[Google Code-In|code-in]] (contains some ideas)

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