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Line 395  and resolving the TODO about rc.conf. Line 395  and resolving the TODO about rc.conf.
 anita (for testing NetBSD)  anita (for testing NetBSD)
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 With the setup so far, one should be able to run anita (see  With the setup so far (assuming 4.2/xl), one should be able to run
 pkgsrc/misc/py-anita) to test NetBSD releases, by doing (as root,  anita (see pkgsrc/misc/py-anita) to test NetBSD releases, by doing (as
 because anita must create a domU):  root, because anita must create a domU):
         anita --vmm=xm test file:///usr/obj/i386/          anita --vmm=xl test file:///usr/obj/i386/
 Alternatively, one can use --vmm=xl to use xl-based domU creation instead.  Alternatively, one can use --vmm=xm to use xm-based domU creation
 TODO: check this, and make the example use xl when confirmed.  instead (and must, on Xen <= 4.1).   TODO: confirm that anita xl really works.
 Xen-specific NetBSD issues  Xen-specific NetBSD issues
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Line 477  correct set of daemons.  Ensure that the Line 477  correct set of daemons.  Ensure that the
 for the new version.  for the new version.
   Running Xen under qemu
   The astute reader will note that this section is somewhat twisted.
   However, it can be useful to run Xen under qemu either because the
   version of NetBSD as a dom0 does not run on the hardware in use, or to
   generate automated test cases involving Xen.
   In 2015-01, the following combination was reported to work:
           host OS: NetBSD/amd64 6.1.4
           qemu: 2.2.0 from pkgsrc
           Xen kernel: xenkernel42-4.2.5nb1 from pkgsrc
           dom0 kernel: NetBSD/amd64 6.1.5
           Xen tools: xentools42-4.2.5 from pkgsrc
 Unprivileged domains (domU)  Unprivileged domains (domU)
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