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Line 329  For 4.2 with xl (preferred), add to rc.c Line 329  For 4.2 with xl (preferred), add to rc.c
 TODO: Recommend for/against xen-watchdog.  TODO: Recommend for/against xen-watchdog.
 After you have configured the daemons and rebooted, run the following  After you have configured the daemons and eitehr started them or
 (or use xl) to inspect Xen's boot messages, available resources, and  rebooted, run the following (or use xl) to inspect Xen's boot
 running domains:  messages, available resources, and running domains:
         xm dmesg          xm dmesg
         xm info          xm info
Line 657  working vif-bridge is also provided with Line 657  working vif-bridge is also provided with
     #!/bin/sh      #!/bin/sh
     #============================================================================      #============================================================================
     # $NetBSD: howto.mdwn,v 1.40 2014/12/26 13:00:23 gdt Exp $      # $NetBSD: howto.mdwn,v 1.41 2014/12/26 13:04:31 gdt Exp $
     #      #
     # /usr/pkg/etc/xen/vif-bridge      # /usr/pkg/etc/xen/vif-bridge
     #      #

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