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         xm info          xm info
         xm list          xm list
   Xen-specific NetBSD issues
   There are (at least) two additional things different about NetBSD as a
   dom0 kernel compared to hardware.
   One is that modules are not usable in DOM0 kernels, so one must
   compile in what's needed.  It's not really that modules cannot work,
   but that modules must be built for XEN3_DOM0 because some of the
   defines change and the normal module builds don't do this.  Basically,
   enabling Xen changes the kernel ABI, and the module build system
   doesn't cope with this.
   The other difference is that XEN3_DOM0 does not have exactly the same
   options as GENERIC.  While it is debatable whether or not this is a
   bug, users should be aware of this and can simply add missing config
   items if desired.
 Updating NetBSD in a dom0  Updating NetBSD in a dom0
 -------------------------  -------------------------
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