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Line 246  As with non-Xen systems, you should have Line 246  As with non-Xen systems, you should have
 kernel that works without Xen) and fallback versions of the non-Xen  kernel that works without Xen) and fallback versions of the non-Xen
 kernel, Xen, and the dom0 kernel.  kernel, Xen, and the dom0 kernel.
   Configuring Xen
   Now, you have a system that will boot Xen and the dom0 kernel, and
   just run the dom0 kernel.  There will be no domUs, and none can be
   started because you still have to configure the dom0 tools.
   For 3.3 (and probably 3.1), add to rc.conf (but note that you should
   have installed 4.2):
   For 4.1 and 4.2, add to rc.conf:
 Updating NetBSD in a dom0  Updating NetBSD in a dom0
 -------------------------  -------------------------
Line 260  rescue purposes and the DOM0 kernel used Line 276  rescue purposes and the DOM0 kernel used
 Updating Xen versions  Updating Xen versions
 ---------------------  ---------------------
 TODO: write  Updating Xen is conceptually not difficult, but can run into all the
   issues found when installing Xen.  Assuming migration from 4.1 to 4.2,
   remove the xenkernel41 and xentools41 packages and install the
   xenkernel42 and xentools42 packages.  Copy the 4.2 xen.gz to /.
   Ensure that the contents of /etc/rc.d/xen* are correct.  Enable the
   correct set of daemons.  Ensure that the domU config files are valid
   for the new version.
 Creating unprivileged domains (domU)  Creating unprivileged domains (domU)
 ====================================  ====================================
Line 411  working vif-bridge is also provided with Line 434  working vif-bridge is also provided with
     #!/bin/sh      #!/bin/sh
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