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NetBSD/x68k is the port of NetBSD for the Japanese personal computer
[SHARP]( X68000/X68030 series.
It runs on some models of X680x0 with MMU and FPU.
When you use NetBSD/x68k, you may have to replace your machine settings
(e.g. changing MC68EC30 with MC68030).

###The History of NetBSD/x68k

The NetBSD/x68k port was [started in 1993 by OKI Masaru](
At first, it was ported from NetBSD/amiga, and tracked NetBSD 0.9,
NetBSD 1.0, and NetBSD 1.1.
NetBSD/x68k has been included in the official release of NetBSD
from 1.2 onwards.

Since April 2002, Nishimura Takeshi is maintaining the NetBSD/x68k port.

### Supported System Models

It is necessary to install Xellent30 or Jupiter-X MPU accelerator
for X68000 series.

040turbo and 060turbo are also supported for X68030.

* X68030/X68030HD
* X68030compact/X68030compactHD
* X68000XVI/X68000XVI HD
* X68000SUPER/X68000SUPER HD
* X68000PRO/X68000PRO HD
* X68000ACE/X68000ACE HD

### Supported Peripherals

NetBSD/x68k requires Motorola 680[346]0 processor (with MMU),
SCSI board and harddisks, and over 4MByte memory and 100MByte of disk space.

Although the in-kernel FPU emulator can be built into the kernel
for 68030-based systems, we recommend to install a FPU.

* Sharp genuine MB89352 SCSI host adapter and their compatibles
* Most SCSI devices
* Built-in floppy drives
* Built-in frame buffer (both of the text and graphics screen)
* Built-in Z8530 serial
* Built-in parallel (Centronics printer interface)
* The standard keyboard
* The mouse / trackball
* PSX16550 TL16C550CN UARTs
* [Neptune-X]( NE2000 Ethernet
* [Nereid]( RTL8019AS Ethernet
* [Nereid]( bank memory
* [Nereid]( SL811HS USB host controller
* Mach-2 SCSI host adapters
* Tsukumo TS-6BE16 extended memory
* Built-in ADPCM voice synthesizer

Hardware that we do NOT currently support, but get many questions about:

* Old (SASI compatible) hard disk interface

We are planning future support for many of these devices. Contributions are welcomed!
* [How to install in Japanese](
* [XM6i can emulate an X68030 running](

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