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[[!meta title="NetBSD/Sun3 Supported System Models"]]

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NetBSD/sun3 runs on these **sun3** and **sun3x** architecture machines: 

[[!table data="""
Model |MHz |RAM |RAM Expansion |Bus |Slots |Type
Sun 3/50 |15.7 |4 |3rd party |n/a |n/a |sun3
Sun 3/60 |20 |24 |24 30-pin SIMM: 1x9 100ns |P4 (video) |1 |sun3
Sun 3/75 |16.67 |16 |VME bus memory cards |VME bus |2 |sun3
Sun 3/80 |20 |40/64 |16 30-pin SIMM: 1x9 or 4x9 100ns |P4 (video) |1 |sun3x
Sun 3/100 series |16.67 |16 |VME bus memory cards |VME bus |3 |sun3
Sun 3/200 series |25 |64 |VME bus memory cards |VME bus |12 |sun3
Sun 3/400 series |33 |128 |VME bus memory cards |VME bus |12 |sun3x
Sun 3/E |20 |4(?) |VME bus memory cards |VME bus |n/a(?) |sun3

The **RAM** column is maximum supported RAM in megabytes.

Sun made a variety of VME bus cabinets with different numbers of bus
slots; ultimate RAM and I/O expansion is more a matter of how many bus
slots there, rather than the particular CPU you have.

The Sun3/80 RAM capacity varies with the boot ROM revision - 3.0.2
allows 40MB, 3.0.3 allows 64MB.

The Sun 3/50 has 4MB soldered on the motherboard; all RAM expansions
for that workstation were provided by third-party solutions (read
"hacks") of one kind or another.

The Sun 3/E is a 6U VME single-board computer intended as an embedded
system component.

The Sun 3/80 workstation and Sun 3/400 series servers are **sun3x**
architecture machines based on the [Motorola 68030
They were Sun's last design using Motorola microprocessors, and were
somewhat complicated by the fact that the mc68030 has an integrated
MMU in the CPU chip.

Sun Microsystems stopped designing systems with Motorola
microprocessors when their own SPARC CPU design became a commercial

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