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NetBSD/sun3 is the port of NetBSD to the [Sun Microsystems](
**sun3**, and **sun3x** series of computers, which are based on the Motorola
and [68030](
CPUs respectively, with a Sun-designed custom MMU.
Sun sold these computers as both servers and desktop workstations from
the mid to late 1980's. They were superseded by the **sun4** SPARC RISC systems,
which are supported by NetBSD as [[NetBSD/sparc|sparc]].

Nathan Williams and Jeremy Cooper are the maintainers of NetBSD/sun3. 
###Supported System Models

See [[Supported System Models|sun3_supported_system_models]] page.

### Disk and RAM Requirements

* Minimum
    * 4MB RAM, ~80MB disk
* Normal
    * 8MB RAM, 200MB disk
* Normal + X11
    * 16MB RAM, 300MB disk

The complete NetBSD sources without objects require 200MB of disk.

To run the X Window System or compile the NetBSD system sources
(i.e. development), more RAM and disk are recommended.
Good performance requires 8MB of RAM, or 16MB of RAM
when running the X Window System.

### Supported Hardware

The following Sun3 devices are currently supported:

* RS-232c Serial ports:
  * built-in z8530 SCC as ttya, ttyb (*zs*)
* Sun Video adapters:
  * 1 bpp framebuffer, (*bwtwo*)
  * 8 bpp framebuffer (*cgtwo*)
  * 8 bpp (+overlay) framebuffer (*cgfour*)
* Network interfaces:
  * On-board AMD LANCE Ethernet (*le*)
  * On-board Intel Ethernet (*ie*)
  * VME Intel Ethernet board (*ie*)
* SCSI bus host adapters:
  * On-board NCR 5380 SCSI Bus Controller (*si*)
  * On-board Emulex SCSI controller on sun3x (*esp*)
  * Sun-3 VME SCSI (also NCR 5380 SBC, Sun part # 501-1236) (*si*)
* SMD Disks: (the big, heavy ones)
  * Xylogics 450/451 (*xy*)
  * Xylogics 753/7053 (*xd*)
* Floppy drive:
  * Sun 3/80 built-in floppy drive (*fdc*)
* Input devices:
  * Sun keyboard (*kbd*) and mouse (*ms*)
* Miscellaneous:
  * Battery-backed real-time clock.

If you have a device that's not listed, it might be compatible with
something else, or we might have simply forgotten it.
If all else fails, maybe you could write a driver!

Note: The Sun VME *sc* SCSI card is not yet supported. 
### Features of NetBSD/sun3

* Native boot programs for disk, network, and tape
* Automated installation tools (using a "miniroot")
* SCSI drivers supporting DMA, interrupts, and (optional) disconnect/reselect
* Frame buffer drivers compatible with SunOS and X11R6
* Support for the Virtually Addressed Cache (VAC) on Sun3/2XX models
* Storage Module Device (SMD) disk drivers
* Supports most SCSI devices (CD-ROM, disk, etc)
* Diskless (network) boot capability
* Built-in kernel debugger
* [SunOS 4.1 Compatibility](

* [ILVSUN3]( page by arthur also has various useful information about TME and Sun3 stuff.
* [The Machine Emulator (tme)]( can emulate a Sun 3/150 running NetBSD.
* [Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)](
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