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NetBSD/sun2 is the port of NetBSD to the Sun Microsystems sun2 series of
computers, which are based on the Motorola 68010 CPU with a Sun-designed custom
MMU. Sun sold these computers as both servers and desktop workstations from the
early to mid 1980's. They were superseded by the sun3 systems, which are
supported by NetBSD as NetBSD/sun3. 
###Supported System Models
 The initial snapshots of NetBSD/sun2 support the following systems:

* Sun2 Multibus machines:
  * Sun 2/120
  * Sun 2/170
  * Sun 1/100U (serial console only)

###Supported Hardware

NetBSD/sun2 currently supports the following hardware:

* 1 bpp framebuffer, Multibus card (bwtwo)
* 10 Mbps Intel 82586 ethernet, Multibus card (ie)
* 10 Mbps 3Com 3c400 ethernet, Multibus card (ec)
* 5 MB/s Sun-2 SCSI controller, Multibus card (Interrupt driven and polled DMA) (sc)
* All on-board and optional serial ports
* Most input devices (keyboards, mice, trackballs)


* Sun2 VME machines:
  * Sun 2/50
  * Sun 2/130
  * Sun 2/160

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