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[[!meta title="NetBSD/sparc64 Projects"]]

This is a list of ongoing projects, or projects that are waiting for volunteers to pick them up.

### Kernel

* Sun4v: Support for T1000 - T5000 is beeing worked on
* Make sure registers %g6 and %g7 are free in all kernel asm code and use them for curlwp/curcpu
* Cleanup locore.s: Locore.s needs a cleanup.
* KGDB: The code for kgdb needs to be fixed back up.
* IOMMU: The iommu code may be a performance bottleneck. This needs to be investigated.

### Drivers

Some drivers for hardware found in sparc64 machines are still missing:

* floppy drive (for EBus based machines)
* smart card reader (found in Blade/Netra systems)
* console processor (to allow (a)lom configuration from within NetBSD)

### Userland

Currently there are no open userland projects.

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