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NetBSD/sparc64 is a NetBSD port to Sun's 64-bit UltraSPARC machines. The first
binary release for sparc64 was [NetBSD 1.5](
NetBSD/sparc64 supports many systems, including Sbus-based UltraSPARC systems
and PCI-based UltraSPARC systems using UltraSPARC I, II, IIi, and IIe CPU

NetBSD/sparc64 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels. A 32-bit kernel runs
all NetBSD/sparc binaries. A 64-bit kernel runs 64-bit binaries, and has
support for running most 32-bit binaries as well, with the exception of some
low level kernel groveling tools. Additionally, NetBSD/sparc64 is able to run
Solaris 64 and 32 bit binaries with emulation. See
[compat_solaris(8)]( and the pkgsrc package [`emulators/netbs

Martin Husemann is the maintainer for NetBSD/sparc64.
Clones based on any of these systems should also work

### Sbus-based UltraSPARC I or II systems 

* Ultra 1 family (Ultra 1, Ultra 1 Creator, Ultra 1 Creator 3D, Netra i 150, Netra nfs 150, Enterprise 1, Enterprise 150) 
* Ultra 2 family (Ultra 2, Ultra 2 Creator, Ultra 2 Creator 3D, Enterprise 2) 
* Enterprise (3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 500x, 5500, 600x, 6500, 10000) 

### PCI-based UltraSPARC II, IIi, or IIe systems 

* Ultra 5/10 family (Ultra 5, Ultra 10, Enterprise 5, Enterprise 10) 
* Ultra 30 family (Ultra 30, Netra T 1100) 
* Ultra 60 family (Ultra 60, E220R, Netra T 1120 and T 1125) 
* Ultra 80 family (Ultra 80, E420R, Netra T 1400 and T 1405) 
* Ultra 250 family (Enterprise 250 and E250R) 
* Ultra 450 family (Ultra 450, Enterprise 450, Netra ft 1800) 
* Blade 100 and 150 
* SPARCengine CP1400 or SPARCengine CP1500 system boards (Netra T1 (models 100 and 105), CT400, CT800, CT1600) 
* SPARCengine Ultra AXi family (Netra X1, Fire v100, Fire v120, Netra 120, Netra AC 200, Netra DC 200) 
* SPARCengine Ultra AXe system board 

See the [Notes on System Models]( page for a complete list.

### All on-board and most optional Sun brand framebuffers 

* text console on all framebuffers 
* X server support for on-board and sbus cgsix 
* X server support for on-board ATI mach64 graphics 
* X server support for UPA ffb and afb framebuffers 

### Additional hardware
* All Sun brand on-board and optional network interfaces 
* All Sun brand on-board and optional SCSI and IDE interfaces 
* Floppy drives (on SBus based models only) 
* All on-board serial ports 
* All on-board parallel ports 
* Most input devices (keyboards, mice, trackballs). 
* Audio 
* Most Machine-independent [SBUS cards](
* Most Machine-independent [PCI cards](
* Most Machine-independent [USB device](
* FireWire 
* Systems with an UltraSPARC III CPU 
* Systems with an UltraSPARC IIIi CPU 
* Systems with an UltraSPARC IV CPU 
* Smart card readers 
For frequently asked questions and links to Sun hardware information, see the
[NetBSD/sparc64 FAQ](

* For older 32 bit SPARC-based machines, see [NetBSD/sparc](../sparc/).
* [NetBSD/sparc64 FAQ](
* [Notes on System Models](
* [NetBSD/sparc64 History](
* The [NetBSD Diskless HOWTO](
* [Developers and Development Funding](
* [NetBSD/sparc64 Projects](
* [Running NetBSD on emulated hardware](
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