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About NetBSD/sh3

NetBSD/sh3 is the port on NetBSD to [Renesas](
(formerly [Hitachi]( [SuperH
SH3 and SH4 CPUs.

Supported System Models and Related Ports

-   [NetBSD/mmeye](../mmeye/):
    [Brains]( mmEye
-   [NetBSD/evbsh3](../evbsh3/): SH3 chip evaluation boards
    -   [CqREEK-SH3]( ([CQ
    -   [7709A evaluation
    -   [T-SH7706LAN](
        ([TAC Inc.](
    -   [T-SH7706LSR](
        ([TAC Inc.](

-   [NetBSD/evbsh3](../evbsh3/): SH4 chip evaluation boards
    -   [KZ-SH4-01]( ([Kyoto Micro Computer
        Co. Ltd.](
    -   [CqREEK-SH4]( ([CQ
        Publishing](, same hardware as KMC
    -   [7750 evaluation
    -   [MS104-SH4](
        ([AlphaProject Co.,Ltd.](

-   [NetBSD/dreamcast](../dreamcast/): [Sega](
-   [NetBSD/hpcsh](../hpcsh/): SH3/SH4-based WinCE machines
-   [NetBSD/landisk](../landisk/): SH4-based NAS appliances

### Hardware Questions

#### Are there evaluation cards available outside of Japan/with non-Japanese documents?

We have [listed couple of eval cards](./) we know of. If you have any
additions, please submit them to the <>
mailing list. Unfortunately we have information for Japanese evaluation
cards only.

If you are outside of Japan, the best place you could contact is your
local Hitachi office (like Hitachi US, Hitachi UK, whatever). They
should have evaluation boards to sell to customers (since they would
like to sell the SH3/4 chips), possibly with localized documents.

Among Japanese products, mmEye and Dreamcast are available outside of

* * * * *

### Readings

#### Suggested readings?

"Monthly Interface", CQ publishing, April 2000 issue (in Japanese) [(webpage)](
:   Includes RT-Linux, Linux/sh3, NetBSD/sh3 and porting how-to.
"UNIX OS for embedded engineers", CQ publishing, July 2000 (in Japanese) [(webpage)](
:   Includes RT-Linux, Linux/sh3, NetBSD/sh3 and porting how-to.
"Implementation of embeded system on SEIL T1", BSD Magazine No.6, Dec. 2000 (in Japanese) [(webpage)](
:   Covers [Brains mmEye]( and [IIJ
    porting efforts.

* * * * *

#### Other information at

-   <> - if you have any additional
    questions please subscribe.

-   [General NetBSD Documentation]( - for questions
    not specific to NetBSD/sh3.

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