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NetBSD/sgimips is a port of NetBSD to the MIPS processor based computers by [Silicon Graphics](

NetBSD is the world's first Open Source operating system running on Silicon Graphics O2. 
###Supported System Models

* IP6 machines
  * 4D/20
* IP10 machines
  * 4D/25
* IP12 machines
  * Indigo (R3000)
  * 4D/30 (theoretical/untested)
  * 4D/35
* IP20 machines
  * Indigo (R4x00)
* IP22 machines
  * Indigo2 (R4x00)
  * Challenge M
* IP24 machines
  * Indy (R4x00, R5000)
  * Challenge S (R4x00, R5000)
* IP32 machines
  * O2 (R5000, RM5200, R10000, R12000)

###Supported Peripherals

* On-board Z8530 serial interface (zsc)
* On-board SEEQ 80c03 ethernet interface (sq)
* On-board WD33C93 SCSI interface (wdsc)
* On-board HAL2 audio interface (haltwo)
* On-board AIC7880 wide SCSI interface on O2 (ahc)
* On-board NS16550 based serial interface on O2 (com)
* On-board MACE MAC-110 Ethernet on O2 (mec)
* On-board framebuffer on O2 (crmfb) (-current)
* On-board PS/2 keyboard/mouse on O2 (macekbc, pckbd, pms) (-current)
* On-board Moosehead audio interface on O2 (mavb) (-current)
* On-board framebuffer on Indy (newport)
* On-board PC-style keyboard/mouse on Indy (pckbc, pckbd, pms)
* On-board framebuffer on Indigo (grtwo, light)
* On-board Z8530 based keyboard/mouse on Indigo (zsc, zskbd, zsms)
* E++ GIO Ethernet Adapter (sq) (-current)
* GIO32 SCSI Adapter (wdsc) (-current)
* Phobos GIO G100/G130/G160 Fast Ethernet (tlp) (NetBSD 4.0/-current)
* Set Engineering GIO 100baseTX Fast Ethernet (tl) (-current)
* Most MI PCI devices
* MI SCSI devices



* R10000 Power Indigo2 (IP28) (on-going)
* Octane (IP30) (required mips64 toolchain)
* L2 cache on machines with R4600 CPU

* [NetBSD/sgimips FAQ](
* [Running NetBSD on emulated hardware](
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