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[TXT] instsynology.mdwn 1.12 8 years phx setenv syntax was wrong. Replace '=' by ' '.
[TXT] instdsm-g600.mdwn 1.6 8 years phx Fix dummy.img.gz path.
[TXT] instlinkstation.mdwn 1.5 8 years phx Fixed internal link to First Installation section.
[TXT] instnh23x.mdwn 1.5 8 years phx Fix dummy.img.gz path.
[TXT] instqnap.mdwn 1.5 5 years jdc Add missing "go 1000000" command to the initial boot instructions.
[TXT] inststorcenter.mdwn 1.5 8 years phx Replace www.&os;.org by

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