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[[!template id=port
NetBSD/sandpoint is a port of NetBSD to the
reference platform.

Sandpoint is a reference platform designed by Motorola to help
people develop hardware and software around various PowerPC processors.
The basic system is an ATX form-factor motherboard with standard PC
devices (IDE, floppy, serial, parallel), 4 PCI slots, and a mezzanine
slot to which several different processor modules may be attached.

The main focus of this port is now on MPC824x based consumer NAS
(Network Attached Storage) systems, while the original evaluation boards
are still supported.

###Supported System Models
-   Allnet
    -   6250
    -   6260 [[1](#untested)]

-   Buffalo
    -   LinkStation HD-HLAN (LS1)
    -   LinkStation HD-HGLAN [[1](#untested)]
    -   Classic TeraStation HD-HTGL [[1](#untested)]
    -   TeraStation Pro TS-TGL V1 [[1](#untested)]

-   Conceptronic
    -   CH3WNAS [[1](#untested)]

-   D-Link
    -   DSM-G600 \(Rev. B\)

-   Encore
    -   ENNHD-1000 [[1](#untested)]

-   Fujitsu-Siemens
    -   AMS150 [[1](#untested)]
    -   SBLAN2

-   Iomega
    -   StorCenter G2 Single Drive
    -   StorCenter G2 Dual Drive [[1](#untested)]
    -   StorCenter G2 Quad Drive [[1](#untested)]

-   KuroBox
    -   Classic KuroBox
    -   KuroBox HG [[1](#untested)]
    -   KuroBox/T4

-   LevelOne
    -   FNS-5000B [[1](#untested)]

-   Longshine
    -   LCS-8311 [[1](#untested)]

-   Netronix
    -   NH-230 [[1](#untested)]
    -   NH-231 [[1](#untested)]

-   Planex
    -   NAS-01G [[1](#untested)]

-   QNAP
    -   TS-100 (V1.02, Intel Gigabit) [[1](#untested)]
    -   TS-100 (V200, Realtek Gigabit)
    -   TS-101 (V1.02, Intel Gigabit) [[1](#untested)]
    -   TS-101 (V200, Realtek Gigabit)
    -   TS-201

-   Synology
    -   DS-101g+
    -   DS-106 [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-106e [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-106j
    -   DS-106x [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-107 [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-107e [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-108j [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-109j [[1](#untested)]
    -   DS-207
    -   DS-209j [[1](#untested)]
    -   CS-406 [[1](#untested)]
    -   CS-406e [[1](#untested)]
    -   RS-406 [[1](#untested)]
    -   CS-407e

-   Vibe
    -   NS-349-S [[1](#untested)]

-   The Sandpoint evaluation board. Two processor modules have been
    -   The "Unity" module with the MPC8240
    -   The "Altimus" with MPC7400 (G4) and MPC107

<a name="untested"></a>[1] Support is present, but this configuration was
not tested, or not reported working yet.
Please tell us on the [NetBSD/sandpoint mailing list](
about your experience with untested models.

-   [[Synology DiskStation Installation Guide|instsynology]]
-   [[Buffalo LinkStation Installation Guide|instlinkstation]]
-   [[D-Link DSM-G600 Installation Guide|instdsm-g600]]
-   [[QNAP Turbo Station Installation Guide|instqnap]]
-   [[Iomega StorCenter Installation Guide|inststorcenter]]
-   [[Netronix NH230/231 Installation Guide|instnh23x]]
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