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[[!template id=port
NetBSD/rs6000 is a port of NetBSD to the IBM RS/6000 class of MCA-based
PowerPC machines. It's the first free Operating System to run on
this class of machines.

For PReP-based IBM RS/6000 machines, please check [[NetBSD/prep|prep]].
For OpenFirmware based RS/6000 machines, please see [[NetBSD/ofppc|ofppc]].
If you don't know type of your RS/6000 model, please see
[Quick IBM/NetBSD model reference](

Tim Rightnour is the maintainer of NetBSD/rs6000.
##Supported System Models
Currently the following models are known to run NetBSD/rs6000:

* IBM 7006-41T
* [IBM 7011-250](


* implement [bus_dma(9)]( for
machine independent [MCA device drivers](
* test on more models

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