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 [[!template id=port  [[!template id=port
 port="pmax"  port="pmax"
 cur_rel="6.0"    cur_rel="7.1.2"
 future_rel="7.0"  future_rel="8.0"
 changes_cur="6.0"  pkg_rel="6.0"
 changes_future="7.0"  changes_cur="7.0"
 thumbnail="http://www.netbsd.org/images/ports/pmax/5000.gif"  thumbnail="http://www.netbsd.org/images/ports/pmax/5000.gif"
 about="""  about="""
 NetBSD/pmax is the port of NetBSD to Digital Equipment Corporation's MIPS based  NetBSD/pmax is the port of NetBSD to Digital Equipment Corporation's MIPS based
 computers. NetBSD/pmax runs on wide range of DECstation and DECsystem family.  computers. NetBSD/pmax runs on a wide range of DECstation and DECsystem systems.
 NetBSD/pmax is the first port which can run on either MIPS R3000 processors or  NetBSD/pmax is able to run on either MIPS R3000 processors or MIPS R4400
 MIPS R4400 processors; single kernel can run common set of user programs.  processors; a single kernel can run a common set of user programs.
 Development activity on NetBSD/pmax continues at a speed depending of people's  
 spare time. NetBSD/pmax developers are making efforts on extending hardware  
 supports to models which NetBSD/pmax does not support this moment.   
 """  """
 supported_hardware="""  supported_hardware="""
 ###Supported System Models  ###Supported System Models
Line 28  supported_hardware=""" Line 25  supported_hardware="""
 """  """
 additional="""  additional="""
 ###NetBSD/pmax Development and Developers  * [FAQ](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/faq.html)
   * [Notes on system models](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/models.html)
 As with the rest of NetBSD, development on PMAX issues involves a world-wide  * [History](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/history.html)
 team of people using internet-based source code control systems, as well as  * [Projects](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/projects.html)
 contributors who have sent us code to better support particular platforms and  * [Developers and Development Funding](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/development.html)
 devices. In some cases, contributors are listed with their area of contribution  * [Running NetBSD on emulated hardware](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/emulators.html)
 on the system models page. Please send us mail if you or someone you know should  * [Diskless HowTo](http://www.NetBSD.org/docs/network/netboot/)
 also be listed here.  * [Old netboot documentation](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/netboot.html)
   * [Old install documentation](http://www.NetBSD.org/ports/pmax/install.html)
 Jonathan Stone has done about as much on NetBSD/pmax as anyone. He sheperded the  
 NetBSD/pmax 1.1 release, and is currently co-portmaster alongside Simon Burge.  
 Michael Hitch has contributed to many areas on NetBSD/pmax, including R4000  
 support and much work on the SCSI drivers.  
 Arne Juul has done sterling work, creating a NetBSD/pmax configuration for GNU  
 binutils and GCC. These are now the `official' compiler toolchain used for  
 NetBSD/pmax. Arne also built alpha-release pmax binaries for NetBSD 1.1.  
 Ted Lemon was the official port-master and maintainer of NetBSD/pmax until  
 January 1996, though recently he hasn't had much time to spend on NetBSD.  
 Adam Glass did the initial incorporation of the 4.4bsd-Lite pmax port into NetBSD.  
 Tohru Nishimura has done some general work on NetBSD/pmax, as well as a lot of  
 MIPS CPU specific work.  
 Simon Burge has also contributed bits here and there over the last couple of  
 years, and recently has been responsible for building the releases for  
 NetBSD/pmax. Simon is currently co-portmaster alongside Jonathan Stone.  
 Andy Doran has done much work on the console subsystem, PX/PXG drivers, X11R6  
 server and various other bits and pieces.  
 """  """
 ]]  ]]
 [[!tag tier2port]]  [[!tag tier2port]]

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