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the latest binary release is 6.1.4 for all of these ports. some of these
haven't been updated since 6.0 :\

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NetBSD/luna68k is a port of NetBSD to the LUNA product line of OMRON Tateisi
Electronics, Japan. The LUNA was a 20MHz/m68030 desktop computer at the age of
then-booming UNIX workstations, roughly comparable to a sun3/60 and any
m68020/m68030 unix boxes at that time. It is a descendent of the company's 6U
VME deskside m68010 box nicknamed Supermate, and was succeeded by a m68040
variant, LUNA-II. It has a rare cousin LUNA-88K which sports 4 88k processors
geared by CMU Mach2.5.
## Supported System Models

NetBSD/luna68k runs on the original LUNA and the successor LUNA-II, and supports
the following devices:

* built-in serial port ('ttya')
* network interface: AMD LANCE with AUI or BNC port (switch-selectable)
* monochrome/color graphics video board
* keyboard and mouse
* SCSI devices; (including built-in TEAC cassette tape drive)
* LCD on front panel; (/dev/lcd is under development)

 NetBSD/luna68k doesn't yet support the following devices:

* any devices controlled by dedicated 8bit I/O processor; serial ports ('tty00,
  tty01'), printer parallel port ('lp'), floppy port ('rfd') and YM2149 sound
* optional X.25/GP-IB multiple function board
* NEC PC9801 C-Bus option slot

Support for the deskside predecessors is not planned at this moment.
* [[How to install NetBSD/luna68k|luna68k_install]]
* [[Hardware and operation|luna68k_info#hardware]]
* [[Future work|luna68k_info#futurework]]
* [[History and background of LUNA|luna68k_info#behindthescene]]

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