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[[!meta title="NetBSD/ia64 Frequently Asked Questions"]]

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# General problems and questions

## How do I get started?

Development for NetBSD/ia64 is on HP's "SKI" emulator:

Install the <a href="">ski emulator</a>
from <a href="">pkgsrc</a>.
Build the ia64 toolchain:
[[!template id=programlisting text=""" -mia64 tools
Build the bootloader:
[[!template id=programlisting text="""
cd arch/ia64/stand/ia64/ski
With both bootloader and kernel binaries (or softlinks to them)
in the current directory, type:
[[!template id=programlisting text="""
ski skiload
This will launch the ski debugger prompt.
Type 'c' to continue. This will launch the bootloader in a pseudo terminal
window. Type 'boot netbsd' to boot the kernel. Have fun!

## What needs to be done to make the port functional?

Must have tasks:

1. pmap module: Clean ups and debug.
2. Boot Code Cleanup: clean up glue code between FreeBSD's boot code
and NetBSD's standalone library.
3. IA64 Stack unwind code: Support remaining unwind descriptor types.

Nice to have tasks:

1. Kernel module pre-loading via the bootloader.
2. Write a ski network driver.
3. Enable SMP support.

There is a longer and more detailed list of tasks in 

## How can I help?

Pick a task you like, send mail to <>
to avoid duplication of work, and start hacking!

## What are the goals of this port

Currently our focus is to make NetBSD/ia64 to run reasonably well
on the ski emulator. In order to enable NetBSD to run
on a real Itanium machine, further code needs to be written.
Some important tasks are:

1. The uga console driver.
2. The bus_dma framework.
3. device drivers.

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