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HP doesn't seem to be involved with ski anymore.  It lives on sourceforge

    1: [[!template id=port
    2: port="ia64"
    3: future_rel="7.0"
    4: changes_future="7.0"
    5: thumbnail=""
    6: about="""
    7: NetBSD/ia64 is a work-in-progress effort to port NetBSD to the Itanium family of
    8: processors. Currently no formal release is available.
   10: [Tracking -current]( is the best
   11: way to get involved with the project. It is possible to get fully involved with
   12: the project if you have i386 hardware. See the [[FAQ|ia64_faq]] for more information.
   14: Basic infrastructure you need to get involved at this stage is
   15: [[NetBSD/i386|i386]], and the 
   16: [ski]( simulator.
   18: If you would like to contribute to the porting effort, read this web-page
   19: carefully, and then feel free to ask us questions on the
   20: [port-ia64 mailing list](
   21: """
   22: ]]
   23: [[!tag tier2port]]

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