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NetBSD/i386 is the port of NetBSD to the IBM PCs and PC clones with i386-family processors. It runs on ISA (AT-bus), EISA, PCI, VL-bus and MCA systems, with or without math coprocessors.

NetBSD/i386 was the original port of NetBSD, and was initially released as [NetBSD 0.8]( in 1993.

Frank van der Linden is the current port maintainer of NetBSD/i386.

The minimal configuration for a NetBSD/i386 system requires 4M of RAM and about
40M of disk space. For a full installation (including source and X11), at least
8M of RAM and 200M of disk space are recommended.
Any i486 or better CPU should work - genuine Intel or a compatible such as
Cyrix, AMD, or NexGen.
Devices (driver names in parenthesis) supported by NetBSD/i386 include:
* Machine-independent drivers for ISA devices
* Machine-independent drivers for PCI devices
* Machine-independent drivers for EISA devices
* Machine-independent drivers for PCMCIA devices
* Machine-independent drivers for Cardbus devices
* Machine-independent drivers for ATA devices
* Machine-independent drivers for SCSI and ATAPI devices.
* Machine-independent drivers for USB devices
* Machine-independent drivers for MII devices (IEEE 802.3 Media Independent
  Interface, typically used for physical media interfaces for FastEthernet
* Machine-independent drivers for MCA devices
* Standard PC floppy controllers (fdc) and drives (fd)
* Adaptec 284x VLbus SCSI host adapters (ahc)
* NCR 53C80 port-mapped and memory-mapped SCSI host adapters (nca)
* The PC speaker (pcppi and sysbeep)
* Logitech bus mouse (lms)
* Microsoft InPort mouse (mms)
* PS/2 mouse (pms)
* Joysticks on game ports (joy)
* MDA, CGA, VGA, SVGA and HGC Display Adapters (pccons or wscons). Note:
  not all of the display adapters supported by NetBSD/i386 will work with
  X. See the XFree86 FAQ for more information.
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